Ganesha Cartel is funky, soulful, deep, tribal, acid, tech-house music and other forms of inspiring and innovative electronic music including electronica, glitch-hop, and chillout. Mainly, though, driving, tribal, progressive, and sexy rhythms are what you can expect from Ganesha Cartel. Ganesha Cartel have just finished a 12-track album with a bonus mixed DJ set track called “Are We Dreaming?” expected to be released worldwide on Friday, March 30, 2018 with a pre-order date of Friday, March 2nd on iTunes & Beatport and a Beatport exclusive download on Friday, March 16th.

Ganesha Cartel's debut album 'Are We Dreaming?' on Anahata Love Recordings features acid house, deep house, tech house, progressive house, jackin' house, chill out, tribal house, & more acid house. The title track features three different mixes, two of them featuring the OM Daddy 'Anahata Love' signature touch. Feedback we have received from test audiences is this is Anahata Love's best work to date. 

The Cartel has big plans for the future including releasing more albums on Anahata Love Recordings & touring with the crew around the world. They will be touring historic sites & church-like venues with costumed dancers & elaborate themes centered around humanity, the animal kingdom, & spirituality. They may be coming to town near you with high altitudes like the Rocky Mountains as well as low altitudes by the sunny beaches of Mother Gaia in Bali, Croatia, & Ibiza.

This 12-track album takes you on a journey from driving, deep acid house to acid tech-house to underground house to Balinese & Eastern Indian inspired progressive house to sexy, melodic, & lush deep house. Ganesha Cartel then bring it back up with 'Rock That' which is a funky, jackin' house rocker. Plenty more surprises along the way including a chillout mix 'Laidback Just Chill' & a driving tribal house track called 'Deep In The Jungle.' 


'Are We Dreaming? (OM Daddy's Acid On Fire Mix)' is a sexy, driving, progressive, deep acid house track while 'Are We Dreaming? (OM Daddy's Twerk Remix)' is a heavy tech-house acid jam with catchy & snappy vocals that really brings out the funk in funky. Both mixes are hip & rump shakers sure to be hits on the festival circuit this summer & for years to come. Anahata Love’s OM Daddy brings a timeless sound to these Ganesha Cartel creations.  

'Underground Sensation' by Ganesha Cartel has funky, tribal percussion with a deep rolling bassline, breakbeats, & vocals celebrating the underground - 'take me back to the underground.' It even gets a little dark & deep for a moment before the Cartel brings you back out into the light with an undeniable, unforgettable acid-line hook.  

'We Are One' was Ganesha Cartel's debut single on Anahata Love and pays homage and respect to Lord Ganesha 'Remover of Obstacles' in Hindu spirituality - the elephant God. You can hear the elephants roar in this one. The elephant is even stronger than a herd of lions in the jungle. 'We Are One' calls on tribal conga percussion, the sitar, the flute, the gamelan, & a driving, deep bassline to make up its huge sound.  


The Missing Ingredient (Anahata Love)' came to Ganesha Cartel early one morning when they awoke to the realization that the missing ingredient in most people's lives is when they are in suffering 'a lack of love' - for themselves, for everyone around them, and from other people. It might not be immediately apparent, but the vocal, 'you've got me on your mind,' is what is on everyone's mind. The human instinct to run towards pleasure and away from pain is our most basic instinct. Ultimately, we are all seeking love - Anahata Love - the love that radiates and glows from the heart center & blossoms like a beautiful flower. The arp, lush pads, haunting background vocals, sine bassline, strings, and melodic piano are delightfully delicious - so sweet you can taste it. But like all songs, the meanings are constantly evolving and now the Cartel definitely has someone on their mind.

'Rock That' is a fun, cheeky, driving, jackin' tech-house rocker with hypnotic vocals & trippy synth sounds. The main vocals scream 'Me and the boys are going to keep on rockin', is that alright?' & 'rock that.' The track has a surprising breakdown with a sinister synth line & swirly FX build up that will turn you on & jack your body.   

'Laidback Just Chill' is a chillout, tribal, melodic, flute-inspired mix with comforting & soothing vocals that almost no description will do justice. It must be felt & experienced first-hand.'Funky Bassline' is another track that must be experienced firsthand and loud. The bassline on this track will have you jumpin' & jackin' your body & shaking your hips on repeat. The synth line on 'Funky Bassline' is melodic, driving, beautiful, powerful yet complimentary to the bassline & drums.   

'Deep In The Jungle' is  nearly 10 minutes of deep, tribal house madness & groove. You will be sweating it out to this one on the dancefloor & at house parties with this infectious, raucous rocker. The vocal stabs, African vocals, funky congas make you feel as you are in deep jungle. Rounding out the album is the original acid, tech-house mix of 'Are We Dreaming?' which asks the question 'are we dreaming?' The answer is 'yes.' Life is a walking lucid dream. What reality do you want to create? Ganesha Cartel is creating an inspiring and wonderful reality of rich, acid-house, tech-house, funky/jackin' house, chill out, & progressive house to explore the hidden avenues & pathways of your body, subconscious mind, and spirit. The Cartel is here to remove obstacles & help you fulfill your highest potential - self-actualization - through body/mind/spirit/dance science - shamanism in its highest form.  

Be sure to pick up the album on iTunes, Beatport, Traxsource, Juno Download, and stream on Spotify & Deezer.